In high rise construction we all have the same goals:
Improve the safety standards of all workers
Eliminate the potential risk of falling objects
Accelerate construction operations
Keep crane free to perform core tasks
Create more work space
Provide safe and easy access to the building envelope 


Providing the solutions the Self Climbing Kokoon®
Designed to keep workers safe and objects from falling off the structure
Climbs from floor to floor as a complete single unit
Greatly enhances access to construction operations
Self contained work platforms
Complete perimeter protection system

Safe for workers

 Height work poses the most serious safety risk on construction sites
Self Climbing Kokoon® guarantees safety
Designed to allow workers to perform all perimeter construction including steel erection operations from inside a protective cocoon
This Kokoon System also has the capability to facilitate storage and provides easy access to all tools and equipment

SCK®  gives you complete and safe access to multiple floor levels
For example, when used for steel construction:
• The working floor (upper most erected floor) 
• Three floors below the working floor
• Two floors erected from the cocoon that cantilevers above the working floor

Safe for the site

On every construction site, there is always the potential risk of objects falling or being blown off the building
The exterior of the cocoon is made of durable metal plate. This completely sealed protective barrier eliminates the possibility of falling objects
Automated movable platforms close the gap between the Kokoon system and the building perimeter at each floor level. These platforms provide multiple levels of protection and safe access to the building perimeter
Self Climbing Kokoon® guarantees the highest level of protection available on the market

Self Climbing

Why use Self Climbing Kokoon® as opposed to a traditional cocoon system?

• The market offers a lot of cocoon solutions but only Self Climbing Kokoon® is 100% self climbing as a complete single unit
• The cocoon is equipped with a hydraulic lifting system that allows the cocoon to climb up or down along the facades
• No additional equipment or operators are required to climb the cocoon
• The cocoon climbs 2 floors (27’) in less than 4 hrs with the push of a button

Because Self Climbing Kokoon® has been envisioned and enginerred with the help of expert steel erectors, we know your expectations:
Save time and free up the crane.
So while it climbs, you can work.

More Access

Created acess where you need it. 
On construction sites space is limited, especially on high rise buildings
During the construction of tall buildings, the more space you create for tools, equipment and personnel, the more safe and comfortable you feel, enhancing your performance
This system provides additional usable space. For a building with a perimeter of 700 feet, Self Climbing Kokoon® provides you with an additional 35.000 square feet of usable space


Self Climbing Kokoon® is a patented modular System, engineered to guarantee efficient transportation and assembly
The opertion of the Self Climbing Kokoon® are managed via the control room mounted on the exterior of the kokoon
 A modular construction allows the Kokoon System to adapt easily to all building shapes and dimensions


Self Climbing Kokoon® provides you a great opportunity to advertise your business
A building with 700 feet of perimeter provides you with 47.000 square feet of potential advertising space



SelfClimblingKokoon by Despe wins the ‘Process Innovation of the year’ award at the 'New York Build Expo 2018’.

Made in Italy

Self Climbing Kokoon® is an exclusive trademark protected by copyright and international patent

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