We are a family business operating in the demolition, engineering consulting, decommissioning and reclamation sectors.  And we design and develop advanced technologies for the construction industry. We are a company working in Italy and across the world that has always invested in people, technology, safety and quality.

We are a company recognised internationally for its unique ability to design innovative solutions and succeed in the most complex challenges. We are what we do. And for over 40 years we have been trying to do it best. Despe is a member of NAD, EDA and CTBUH.


Founder and chairman is Giuseppe Panseri, a visionary pioneer on the Italian demolition market, twice chair of NAD (National Italian Demolition Association) and former chair of EDA (European Demolition Association). His sons are currently at the helm of the company: Stefano Panseri, Managing Director, member of the NAD technical commission, Italian member of the EDA with a dual position of Treasurer and Chair of the International Commission; and Roberto Panseri, director, technical director, Despe Research and Development DRS® Manager, Despe France and Despe USA branch manager.


Despe has its headquarters in Italy, in Bergamo and two detachments, one in France and one in the USA.

Despe works in the world exporting MADE IN ITALY professionalism and technology.


Men and machines are two fundamental resources for the company. We have a team of about 100 men and women. A highly qualified professional team that constantly keeps abreast of all the latest developments. 

A real team that shares the goals and work to achieve them. There are excavator workers in the team with over 35 years of experience on the ground and thanks to training courses, as well as engineers, nuclear engineers, three amide members of the IDE and skilled personnel qualified to operate in high risk sectors. Despe consistently invests part of its turnover in innovation. It has an in-house Research and Development department, the DRS® whose main objective is to create sophisticated solutions for all types of interventions. Among its patents: ‘TopDownWay®’, a system created for the intelligent demolition of skyscrapers, Dust Buster, an abatement system of dust during height work, the ‘Lifting Jacks’ system for the controlled demolition of boilers and the ‘Red 0-Ring’, the circular hydraulic platform for the deconstruction of chimney stacks. 

Despe also has one of the most powerful and specialised fleets in all of Europe. Over 300 tools, 100 excavators of between 5 and 200 tons with arms reaching 60 metres in length, robots, crushers, grabbers and all sizes of shears and compact machines. An actual inanimate army capable of meeting all possible demands.


Despe is one of the most recognized companies at international level. It is often invited to attend the major conferences worldwide and to present its projects. National Geographic Television selected Despe to make a documentary film. Despe is mentioned in the most important international magazines and it is one of the first companies in the world awarded with several prizes at the prestigious ‘World Demolition Awards”.

  • 2016

    URBAN AWARD for the deconstruction of  Sporting d’Hiver in Montecarlo.

    SHORTLIST CONTRACT OF THE YEAR UNDER US$1 MILLION for the deconstruction of the Valentino store in London.

    SHORTLIST INDUSTRIAL DEMOLITION AWARD for the disaster recovery intervention at Fiumicino.

    SHORTLIST INDUSTRIAL DEMOLITION AWARD for the demolition of the Eridania sugar plant.

  • 2015

    INDUSTRIAL AWARD for the demolition of the refinery in Gela.

    COLLABORATIVE AWARD for Safedem, C&D Consultancy, Glasgow Housing Association for the demolition of two towers in Glasgow with TopDownWay®.

    SHORTLIST CIVIL AWARD for the deconstruction of the Moldavia Viaduct.

    SHORTLIST SAFETY & TRAINING AWARD for the training plan for the decontamination of Bosco Marengo.

  • 2012

    CONTRACT OF THE YEAR AWARD for the deconstruction of the UAP tour in Lyon with TopDownWay®.


    SHORTLIST INDUSTRIAL DEMOLITION AWARD for the demolition of the Power Plant in Turbigo.

    SHORTLIST SAFETY AWARD for the demolition of the Power Plant in Priolo Gargallo.

    SHORTLIST TRAINING AWARD for the training course for the police bomb squad.

    SHORTLIST ENVIRONMENTAL & RECYCLING AWARD for the deconstruction of the former funicular at Passo del Tonale.

  • 2010

    CONTRACT OF THE YEAR for the deconstruction of the Bridge on the river Po in Piacenza.

    SAFETY AWARD for the decontamination of the Nuclear Power Station in Caorso.

    URBAN DEMOLITION AWARD for the demolition of the former Railway headquarters in Turin.

    SHORTLIST CIVIL AWARD for the removal of the Roman temple from the underground system in Naples.

It has also received the following acknowledgements:

  • 2012

    CONCOURS INNOVATION Catégorie Travaux Exploration Services – 2ème prix.

  • 2011


  • 2008